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Cup Manager

All download files are available as a zip-archive and should be unzipped to a directory of your choice. The Excel files are stored in the XLSB file format. The Excel-Soccer has been tested in Excel 2010, Excel 2013 and Excel 2016. No tests were done in other spreadsheet software, such as Open Office, and no support is given for these other products.

After opening the file for the first time, you should accept the license terms. You can find the license terms in the corresponding table by clicking on the icon displaying a copyright symbol. A detailled description and a guide for the Excel-Soccer Cup Manager is available on this webiste on the page for the Cup Manager.

Grayed download icons indicate that a download is not available yet. If you have problems when downloading the files, please visit the FAQ first. If the FAQ does not help, then please contact the support.

Excel-Soccer Basic for the European Championship 2016 in France

The Excel-Soccer is available in the three basic languages English, French and German. The downloads files offered below all include the same Excel file with the difference that the active language is preconfigured accordingly.


Version Version 3.75 Build 150516 Download
Preconfiguration English
Cost Free


Version Version 3.75 Build 150516 Download
Preconfiguration French
Cost Free


Version Version 3.75 Build 150516 Download
Preconfiguration German
Cost Free