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In the following a list of the most frequently asked questions about the Excel-Soccer, such as for download problems, updates, passwords requests and support by the author. Click on the headings to view the corresponding FAQ entries.


Where can I download the Excel-Soccer?

The Excel-Soccer should be only downloaded from this website or trusted websites. The files are scanned by an antivirus programm before each upload on this website. And, if you download the Excel-Soccer from this website, you can be sure to get the latest version of the software.

Where should I not download the Excel-Soccer?

The Excel-Soccer should not be downloaded from websites or portals asking you to enter private data and information about your bank account before allowing the download. Unfortunately, the Excel-Soccer was in the past also offered on some sites trying to get you to complete a high cost subscription. I have never authorized such offers nor will I do so in the future.

I have clicked on a download link for the Excel-Soccer on a third-party site. The link redirected me to the homepage or an information page on the Excel-Soccer website. Why?

To ensure that the direct download link is only available for the Excel-Soccer website itself and for trusted third-party websites, a script was implemented which checks the refering website. If the site is unknown or not allowed to provide the download link, the script redirects to the homepage for the Excel-Soccer. It is then recommended to download the Excel-Soccer from this website.

Can I offer the Excel-Soccer download file on my private website?

You should prior consult me, so that I can visit the website and eventually add the site to the trusted websites. No claim is given that I add your site to the trusted websites. And, in general, no support is given for the Excel-Soccer versions on third-party websites, excepted a written agreement.

Can I offer the Excel-Soccer download file on my commercial website?

Basically, the free versions for the Excel-Soccer may not be offered nor linked on websites intending to commercialize the Excel-Soccer files or links. This especially applies to websites charging their users with a fee for their services.


Is it planned to release new versions and updates for the Excel-Soccer?

Yes, the Excel-Soccer will be maintained and improved depending on my time and capacities.

How do I get informed about updates and new versions for the Excel-Soccer?

The simpliest way is to regularly visit this website or to subscribe to the RSS feed. I will also report about new features on the blog of this website.


Can I break the password protection in the Excel-Soccer?

No, this is not allowed. The author owns the title, copyright and all other commercial and non-commercial rights to the software. The password protection should also not be broken for so-called learning purposes.

I got a version from the Excel-Soccer without a password protection, for example for an additional tool. Can I continue to use this version?

No, this is also not allowed. Such a version does not come from the original source and should be treated with caution. This applies in particular to versions or additional tools for Excel-Soccer containing VBA macros. The original versions are digitally signed by a code certificate issued to my name.

Contact & Support

I have suggestions for the improvement, feedback or found errors in the Excel-Soccer. What can I do?

I appreciate any feedback, bug reports and suggestions for improvement. Please send me your feedback by e-mail to ideas (at) excel-soccer (dot) de.

I would like to contribute to the project, for example by providing a translation. How can I proceed?

The Excel-Soccer provides a selection and creation of user-defined languages. Please follow the instructions included in the Excel-Soccer for creating your own translation. For adding your translation to future releases of the Excel-Soccer and therefore let other users benefit from your work, please send me your translation by e-mail to translation (at) excel-soccer (dot) de.

How can I contact the author of the Excel-Soccer?

This website should be the primary point of contact for support and help to the Excel-Soccer. In exceptional cases, you can send an email to support (at) excel-soccer (dot) de. However, no guarantee is given, that I quickly answer your e-mail. Please do not call my by phone for the support of the Excel-Soccer.