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Welcome to the Excel-Soccer website. This project started in 2010 with the first version of Excel-Soccer World Cup Planner for the Soccer World Cup in South Africa 2010. At that time there was only one version available and some advanced features had been implemented in additional tools. Starting from version 3.0 for the European Championship 2012, the Excel-Soccer file based on Excel functions was renamed to Excel-Soccer Basic and the version containing VBA-Macros was named to Excel-Soccer Advanced. The advanced version integrates the former additional tools. In 2014 a new version for Excel-Soccer was created with the purpose to manage soccer leagues. In order to classify the different versions, I categorized the versions into the groups “League Manager” and “Cup Manager”. This is independent from the basic and advanced versions, which are or will be available for both categories. Therefore, the Excel-Soccer League Manager corresponds to the version for managing soccer leagues and the Excel-Soccer Cup Manager corresponds to the version for managing World Cups or European Cups. Please note, that the Advanced version is currently not available as this version is going to be redesigned from scratch.

Excel-Soccer Cup Manager

The European Soccer Championship takes place 2016 in France, starting from June 10th, 2016. A version of the Excel-Soccer for this event has been published on May 14th, 2016. The Excel-Soccer is available in the three basic languages English, German and French. You can download the file in the download section of this website. A detailled description and a guide is available on the page for the Cup Manager.

Excel-Soccer League Manager

The Excel-Soccer League Manager is, additionally to a blank version, available in one or more variants, which can be downloaded from the download page. A variant includes a preconfigured versions for a chosen league, for example the German Bundesliga. A detailed description of the Excel-Soccer League Manager can be found on the League Manager page.